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Kristy was wonderful. Caring, loving, friendly, and non-judgmental. She had many good ideas to help me with my dog Tashi. I am very pleased to have meet her and able to work with her.


I have a 5 year old, 85 pound pit bull/boxer mix named Bella, who is as sweet as they come, but she was a beast on the leash....pulling and choking herself making walks really unpleasant for everyone. We tried many different things with her, but nothing seemed to be working. We had Kristy over for 1 hour for training. She gave us some new tools to work with and some new techniques and literally I was able to walk her within 15 minutes!! She is like a new dog, and we are BOTH loving the walks together. I HIGHLY recommend Kristy for any dog training that you need. She is fantastic!

UPDATE: Bella recently completed the Good Dog Board & Train Program. Bella came home from her Board and Train program with a great foundation of some new and improved habits!! We are continuing to work with her at home, but I love knowing that I can reach out to Kristy at any time with questions or concerns! I liked that Kristy was very responsive and gave us frequent updates about Bella's progress.


Josie just graduated basic training through private lessons.  She  has come so far and Kristy has helped us so much with our Josie !! Thanks to Kristy for everything!!


“Kristy did an amazing job with Dozer, a delightful but willful Boxer! Even during his most challenging moments, Kristy was consistently patient, positive, and calm! We were skeptical about trying to train a nearly 4-year old dog, but Kristy was confident it could be done. Her love for animals is obvious – and Dozer was crazy about her!  We wholeheartedly recommend Kristy and Consistent Canine!”


"We couldn't be any happier with the training we got for Oakley!  Kristy helped us make Oakley a patient and obedient dog!  Thank you for all of your help and we highly recommend you!"

— Dawn

My Golden Lab puppy (Missy) was causing me a lot of stress, and since I was going on a 6 month trip with her around the country I wanted training that could make her more manageable. After reaching out to "Consistent Canine", I was immediately contacted by Kristy. She explained all of the different training options to me. Initially I asked for individual training; Kristy came to my apartment for an initial assessment and explained in detail how the training would work. After some consideration, I contacted her and asked if she had a more intense program; she explained that she could "board and train" Missy.  Kristy took my puppy for 1 month and trained her to my specific needs. I am a 100% disabled veteran with P.T.S.D., and although Kristy explained that my dog was too young to be a “service dog”; she would train her to be more disciplined and responsive to commands. Kristy integrated me into her training and sent me pictures and sent me pictures and videos of Missy’s training throughout the month. After the month, we met for a final training and pickup. Missy was a different puppy; she walked alongside me and responded almost immediately to most commands. The next day I took her with me into Petsmart and she remained focused the entire time. I cannot say enough about the experience with Kristy and Consistent Canine.


Kristy is amazing! She will come out and meet you and your pooch and spend time getting to know you and your needs. I dropped my boy (Jax - 90 lb. 9 months German Shepherd) Saturday morning and he stayed with her for 3 weeks. A huge bonus is that she has other dogs, kitties, bunnies, and chickens - so Jax was exposed to and learned how to behave and be patient with them. We had a mid-training visit (she will do this with you during, OR after training) and spent two hours going over what he had learned. Even after only a week or so he had picked up many skills. It was me that needed to learn now:). Once home Jax immediately investigated the entire house and literally did some of his initial behaviors (like he was trying to make up for lost time and fit them all in within a few minutes). It was pretty funny actually. He knows the commands he was taught - there is no doubt. The more time I spend with him the more he is learning that he needs to follow those with me, as well, and not just Kristy:) He does test me, and in all honesty, I find myself breaking into laughter with him (not good for reinforcing his learning by the way). But, when I recompose myself and calmly and firmly bring him back to a place of obedience, he does "fall in line". He may not like it (the subtle whining is one indicator), but he does it. Part of the success once you have your pooch home is recognizing when you simply do not have their trainable attention. When Jax's energy and hormones are driving his puppy behavior I've found that isn't the time for me to "win" (frankly, because I don't, and reinforcing him winning is not good). I chose Kristy after connecting with her about in-home visits while I'm at work. That's how I learned of her training business. We met and honestly I just liked her. Jax liked her too - and that was important. My favorite part was the 3-week break and being able to clean my house without Jax thinking everything I was doing was for his enjoyment. Aside from that, it's clearly the effectiveness of Kristy's work. She also stays in touch with you to let you know how things are progressing. The biggest takeaway is learning how to properly use a pinch and/or e-collar, and that I need to be committed to reinforcing all the learned commands. What's truly great about Jax now is that I can, with confidence, take him hiking, out for walks, around other dogs (still a bit of a struggle - but honestly - that's a tough one for any pup!), public places, etc. and I know I have a different kind of control (he'll sit and remain sitting until I say otherwise). 


Joey is doing awesome on his walks!  We are both learning from each other and doing great.  He is such a smart dog and a joy to have in our family now that he is under control.  Our favorite thing about our Consistent Canine training experience was the constant contact along the way with text updates and pictures to be able to see how the training was progressing.  Kristy was willing to answer any questions we had and followed up with contact after the training was complete.  We are very satisfied and would recommend Kristy to other people.  


Charlie went through the 2 week Good Dog Board & Train program.  My favorite part about the training experience was seeing how much my pup had learned in 2 week and my least favorite thing was that I couldn’t take Kristy home with me. Training is a lot harder than I expected! I love that I can call or meet a Kristy whenever I have questions about training.


When I brought Milo home from the shelter, I felt completely overwhelmed by how much training he needed. He was unresponsive to methods I had used with previous dogs and I felt totally out of my element. A quick Google search led me to Kristy and Consistent Canine and I could not be more grateful to her. She gave me the training and tools I needed to help make my crazy rescue into a well-behaved member of the family. I now have friends and neighbors tell how much Milo has improved and how well he is doing.  My favorite part about the training experience was that I loved how Kristy really listened to what I was trying to accomplish and what kind of dog I wanted to have. I also loved that she welcomed and encouraged my children's participation and the  least favorite thing in my training experience was that it ended!  Thank you Kristy!


Kristy did a wonderful job training my 10-month-old Black Lab. Not only is she very knowledgeable about dogs and dog behaviors, but she also has a true love for these beautiful animals which shows in her instruction. When we started training, Jax was pulling and jumping while we were walking him. Within one class, that issue was solved by her expert recommendations. I liked that Jax was able to train with other dogs; I think that exposure to other dogs during class was very beneficial for him. I also liked the activities because they were very mentally stimulating for him. We look forward to taking more classes with Consistent Canine in the near future to keep Jax's training fresh and so he can learn new skills. I highly recommend Consistent Canine!


Maybelle spent 3 weeks with Kristy as part of the Dream Dog Board and Train Program. Before her training she was constantly barking/pulling on the leash and aggressive towards other dogs. I am now able to walk her without her lunging at other dogs and take her camping where we both can have a relaxing time. My favorite part of the experience is that the training worked! I couldn't believe that my dog could like cats and chickens and stop barking at dogs. The training was well worth the investment and everything was great! I wouldn't change a thing except maybe if they lived next door, that would be great :-) May’s brother Carson spent a week with her as well to brush up on his obedience and there is so much less anxiety in the house with two obedient dogs.


Kristy was very good with our dog Rosie. We feel Rosie improved in walking on her leash, basic commands, and learning how to stay on a place bed. Kristy provides excellent follow up and even visited to help reinforce the behaviors we were struggling with getting Rosie to perform.


Kristy, was very knowledgeable, kind, and patient during our training sessions. The dogs loved and respected her as well. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and look forward to future sessions with her.


An excellent training program with amazing results quickly, economically and professionally. We were moved to tears to see the difference in our PupNado after the 3 week training session. She was walking perfectly on her leash and responding to commands at such a young age while being perfectly happy as a 12 week old Wheaten Terrier Poodle. We never thought that we would like the crate training process but it has been a blessing in so many ways - especially to see Gracie experiencing her safe, quiet, restful place while we have visitors, work, leave the house and sleep thru the night. She is happy to be a "dog" and we are happy to be her family and thanks to Consistent Canine boarding we are able to travel without worry! We also love the pick up service - a life saver with our crazy schedules. The personal attention that you and your wonderful family give to Gracie and you are sensitive to our needs as Seniors to always make it easy to understand, what to say and how to be Consistent!!! We love it all! Absolutely nothing negative to say! Keep doing what you have chosen to do and bless us all with happy dogs! As a final note, the daily videos and pictures along with personal notes about each training day are wonderful to receive and share - Truly Blessed! Please feel free to call me for a personal reference!


Consistent Canine helped me through a very difficult situation with a family pet. I recommend a consultation before adopting or buying a new family member. Thank you for not being judgmental and for the knowledgeable guidance.

-Name Withheld

Kristy's attention to our family dynamic was the best. Our dog was miserable, our house was wrecked and we were all ready for a change. After 8 years of "crazy" we needed a break and the board and train program was perfect. Based on our consultation and discussions Kristy was up front that Macy may need additional time with her and we were able to make that decision before she left. Her updates and pictures during the program kept us connected and excited about Macy's progress. Kristy brought Macy home for a visit a week before her training time was done and we discussed Macy's new behaviors and how we could support what she'd learned. I think that setting real time expectations was key in Macy's overall success. We needed to change how we acted and reacted as much as Macy needed to be trained. We were also able to work with our other dog Nelly while Macy was away and Kristy guided us to keep Nelly in line with Macy's training. Kristy's compassionate and no-nonsense attitude was terrific. I always felt that I could text or call with any question and Kristy made us a priority. Macy is so much calmer since she came home and we are enjoying her newfound confidence. Now that she will walk on a leash and listen to her basic commands it's a whole new world! We would highly recommend Consistent Canine to everyone!


Our dog completed the Good Dog Board & Train Program. Great service! Our dog is much better behaved. Appreciate the follow up appointments that help reinforce the training. I like the follow up appointments. `It really helps both the dog and owner brush up on the training so we don't slip into our old habits.


My Thor couldn’t even be in the same room with our little dog. Now he knows numerous commands and loves his little sister. Consistent Canine gave me the confidence to train my guy! My favorite thing was the homework we did during the week. Kristy gave us specifics and it made such a difference in changing Thor's behavior.

- Eileen

Kristy has the ability to think through problems and offer multiple suggestions as well as step wise solutions in a logical way. Training was both fun and useful!


Kristy was very patience with both owner & my dog. She found ways too gear the training too make it easier for my own disability. I enjoyed the days that we had training. And as the weeks went by, I saw so much improvement in Ellie. Her manners are wonderful. So, thank you Kristy.


My husband and I participated in private lessons and I couldn’t be more happy with our experience. We have 2 completely different dogs. Not only are manners better but we now know how to better handle anxiety challenges. Our comfort level is beyond expectations. It’s nice to have visitors and not fear jumping, barking or bad manners. Positive learning experience not just for the dogs but for us as dog parents. We didn’t feel apprehensive about learning if we didn’t do something exactly right the first time. Always positive and highly recommend Consistent Canine.